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pyteos_air 0.9.3

This package provides python bindings to the atmospheric component of TEOS-10. Also includes expanded metorological quantities like the equivalent potential temperature.

Package Documentation

Python bindings to TEOS-10

This package is still in beta testing phase and some of its functions are
likely to evolve over time.

- Sea-Ice-Water (SIA) Library 3.0 + simple code fixes (for easy compilation)
- An extra module layer 'Liq_Ice_Air_5a.F90', 'Liq_Ice_Air_5b.F90', 'Liq_Ice_Air_5c.F90' and
'Liq_Ice_Air_5d.F90' with the temperature, the entropy, the potential temperature,
the equivalent potential temperature and the pseudo equivalent potential temperature
valid over the whole region of validity of TEOS-10.
- Two other extra modules 'Liq_Air_4d.F90' and 'Ice_Air_4d.F90' that are very similar
to 'Liq_Air_4b.F90' and 'Ice_Air_4b.F90' but where one can specify a maximum
saturation mass fraction in the definition of the Gibbs function. This allows
to compute the equivalent potential temperature in a clean manner.
- A framework to add python bindings to the Fortran version of TEOS-10 with basic examples.

This package provides a simple way to import the TEOS-10 SIA Library into python.
The current beta version offers a very basic interface to the library. Future versions
will include a better interface and a more extensive physical description of the different
routines available.

NOTE: This package requires a Fortran 90 compiler. Sometimes numpy.disutils will not find
the installed Fortran compiler and will return an error. It this happens, download the
source code and run:
f2py -c --help-fcompiler
to find the list of available compilers and then compile:
python build --fcompiler=g95
if 'g95' was in the list.


0.92 : Finished moving netCDF interface to package pyteos_nc

0.91 : Moved netCDF interface to package pyteos_nc

0.9 : Improve netCDF interface

0.8 : Fixed a warning signal with missing values

0.7 : The interpolation is now much faster

0.6 : Faster netcdf interface for computing interpolated thermodynamic quantities.

Frederic Laliberte, February 17 2015  
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pyteos_air-0.9.3.tar.gz (md5) Source 2016-11-03 248KB