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pytesmo 0.1.3

python Toolbox for the Evaluation of Soil Moisture Observations

Package Documentation

Latest Version: 0.6.8

Introduction to pytesmo a python Toolbox for the Evaluation of Soil Moisture Observations

pytesmo is a package which aims it is to provide a standard library that can be used for the comparison and validation
of geospatial time series datasets with a focus on soil moisture.

It contains an expanding collection of readers for different soil moisture datasets (see `Supported Datasets`_) as well as routines for comparing them.
Special classes in the module :mod:`pytesmo.grid` provide easy nearest neighbor searching between datasets as well as
the calculation of lookup tables of nearest neighbours. They also provide possibilities to easily read all
grid points of a dataset in the correct order.

It contains the code used for the calculation of metrics by the
`Satellite Soil Moisture Validation Tool For ASCAT <http:"" validation_tool="" ascat.html="">`_. See :mod:`pytesmo.metrics`.


* easily read data from the `Supported Datasets`_
* anomaly calculation based on climatology or using a moving window see :mod:`pytesmo.anomaly`
* easy temporal matching of time series see :mod:`pytesmo.temporal_matching`
* multiple methods for scaling between different observation domains (CDF matching, linear regreesion, min-max matching) see :mod:`pytesmo.scaling`
* calculate standard metrics like correlation coefficients, RMSD, bias,
as well as more complex ones like triple collocation or MSE as a decomposition of the RMSD see :mod:`pytesmo.metrics`

Supported Datasets

Soil moisture is observed using different methods and instruments, in this version the following datasets are supported.

Remotely sensed products

In this version soil moisture observations made with the following instruments are supported:


* ERS-1/2 AMI 25km SSM (Surface Soil Moisture)
available from


* ASCAT SSM(Surface Soil Moisture) Time Series
Available in custom format from
Available in netCDF format from

* ASCAT SWI(Soil Water Index) Time Series
Available in custom format from

insitu obervations

Data from the International Soil Moisture Network (ISMN)

ISMN data can be downloaded for free after registration from  
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