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pytest-external-blockers 0.0.1

a special outcome for tests that are blocked for external reasons


a pytest outcome for tests you
dont run for external/environmental reason

examples of such reasons reasons are

* lack of access to a bugtracker telling you what tests apply
for the current version of software under test
* lack of access to a backend service providing essential details for the tests in question
* issue in a bugtracker is unresolved
* failure of the internet connection


$ pip install pytest-external-blockers


import os
import pytest
from .issues import get_tracker

pytestmark = pytest.mark.skipifif(
"BUGTRACKER" in os.environ,
reason="no bugtracker configured")

def bugtracker():
return get_tracker():
except Exception:
pytest.block("bugtracker unavailiable")

def _block_unresolved(request, bugtracker):
issue = request.node.getmarker('issue')
if issue is not None:
for issue_id in issue.args:
if bugtracker.is_unresolved(issue_id)
"{issue_id} was not resolved".format(issue_id))  
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