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pytest-poo 0.2

Visualize your crappy tests

pytest-poo is a plugin for pytest that points out your crappy tests with piles of poo.

Really? Why?

I showed the –poo option at EuroPython 2013. A number of people thought I should release it, so here it is.


This is what the output usually looks like:

… when passing –poo, this is what is outputted instead:


A recent version of pytest is required (>= 2.3.4).

Quick start

  1. pip install pytest-poo
  2. Mark tests with the pytest.mark.poo marker.
  3. Run tests with the –poo option to enable pile of poo output.


Marking tests

Add the pytest.mark.poo marker to the tests that you consider crappy. The markers are standard py.test markers and can be used like this on a test function:

import pytest

def test_something():
    assert 0

or for classes:

import pytest

class MyTests(object):
    pytestmark = [pytest.mark.poo]

… or for entire modules:

import pytest

pytestmark = pytest.mark.poo

def test_a():
    assert 0

def test_b():
    assert 0

Showing crappy tests during test run

Just run py.test with the --poo option to enable the output. To always enable, add --poo to addopts in pytest.ini:

addopts = --poo
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