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pytest-pyramid-server 1.2.11

Pyramid server fixture for py.test

# Py.test Pyramid Server Fixture

Pyramid server fixture for py.test. The server is session-scoped by default
and run in a subprocess and temp dir, and as such is a 'real' server that you
can point a Selenium webdriver at.

## Installation

Install using your favourite package manager:

pip install pytest-pyramid
# or..
easy_install pytest-pyramid

Enable the fixture explicitly in your tests or (not required when using setuptools entry points):

pytest_plugins = ['pytest_pyramid_server']

## Configuration

This fixture searches for its configuration in the current working directory
called 'testing.ini'. All .ini files in the cwd will be copied to the tempdir
so that paster-style config chaining still works. For example:

src/ # Project code is in here # Project
development.ini # Development settings
production.ini # Production settings
testing.ini # Testing settings, will be used if tests
# are invoked using 'py.test' from this
# directory

## Example

Here's a noddy test case showing the main functionality:

def test_pyramid_server(pyramid_server):
# This is the http://{host}:{port} of the running server. It will attempt to resolve
# to externally accessable IPs so a web browser can access it.
assert pyramid_server.uri.startswith('http')

# GET a document from the server.
assert pyramid_server.get('/orders/macbooks', as_json=True) == {'id-1234': 'MPB-15inch'}

# POST a document to the server.
assert'/login', 'guest:password123').response_code == 200

# ```` path object to the running config file
assert pyramid_server.working_config.endswith('testing.ini')

## `PyramidServer` class

Using this with the default `pyramid_server` py.test fixture is good enough for a lot of
use-cases however you may wish to have more fine-grained control about the server configuration.
To do this you can use the underlying server class directly - this is an implenentation of the
`pytest-server-fixture` framework and as such acts as a context manager:

from pytest_pyramid import PyramidTestServer

def test_custom_server():
with PyramidTestServer(
# You can specify you own config directory and name

# You can set arbitrary config variables in the constructor
extra_config_vars={'my_config_section': {'my_dbname: 'foo',
'my_dbpass: 'bar'}}
) as server:
assert not server.dead
assert 'my_dbname = foo' in server.working_config.text()

# Server should now be dead
assert server.dead

## `pytest-webdriver` and [PageObjects]( integration

The `pytest-webdriver` plugin will detect when this plugin is active and set its default base
URL to the url of the running server. This is a nice way of avoiding lots of string manipulation
in your browser tests when using Page Objects:

from page_objects import PageObject, PageElement

class LoginPage(PageObject):
username = PageElement(id_='username')
password = PageElement(name='password')
login = PageElement(css='input[type="submit"]')

def test_login_page(webdriver, pyramid_server):
page = LoginPage(webdriver)
assert webdriver.getCurrentUrl() == pyramid_server.uri + '/foo/bar'

## Changelog

### 1.2.11 (2017-7-21)
* Fix for OSX binding to illegal local IP range (Thanks to Gavin Bisesi)
* Setup and Py3k fixes for pytest-profiling (Thanks to xoviat)
* We no longer try and bind port 5000 when reserving a local IP host, as someone could have bound it to
* Fix for #46 sourcing gprof2dot when the local venv has not been activated

### 1.2.10 (2017-2-23)
* Handle custom Pytest test items in pytest-webdriver

### 1.2.9 (2017-2-23)
* Add username into mongo server fixture tempdir path to stop collisions on shared multiuser filesystems

### 1.2.8 (2017-2-21)
* Return function results in

### 1.2.7 (2017-2-20)
* More handling for older versions of
* Allow virtualenv argument passing in pytest-virtualenv

### 1.2.6 (2017-2-16 )
* Updated devpi server server setup for devpi-server >= 2.0
* Improvements for random port picking
* HTTPD server now binds to by default to aid Selenium-style testing
* Updated mongodb server args for mongodb >= 3.2
* Corrections for mongodb fixture config and improve startup logic
* Added module-scoped mongodb fixture
* Handling for older versions of
* Fix for #40 where tests that chdir break pytest-profiling

### 1.2.5 (2016-12-09)
* Improvements for server runner host and port generation, now supports random local IPs
* Bugfix for RethinkDB fixture config

### 1.2.4 (2016-11-14)
* Bugfix for pymongo extra dependency
* Windows compatibility fix for pytest-virtualenv (Thanks to Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin for PR)
* Fix symlink handling for pytest-shutil.cmdline.get_real_python_executable

### 1.2.3 (2016-11-7)
* Improve resiliency of Mongo fixture startup checks

### 1.2.2 (2016-10-27)
* Python 3 compatibility across most of the modules
* Fixed deprecated imports (Thanks to Bryan Moscon)
* Fixed deprecated multicall in pytest-profiling (Thanks to Paul van der Linden for PR)
* Added devpi-server fixture to create an index per test function
* Added missing licence file
* Split up httpd server fixture config so child classes can override loaded modules easier
* Added 'preserve_sys_path' argument to TestServer base class which exports the current python sys.path to subprocesses.
* Updated httpd, redis and jenkins runtime args and paths to current Ubuntu spec
* Ignore errors when tearing down workspaces to avoid race conditions in 'shutil.rmtree' implementation

### 1.2.1 (2016-3-1)
* Fixed pytest-verbose-parametrize for latest version of py.test

### 1.2.0 (2016-2-19)
* New plugin: git repository fixture

### 1.1.1 (2016-2-16)
* pytest-profiling improvement: escape illegal characters in .prof files (Thanks to Aarni Koskela for the PR)

### 1.1.0 (2016-2-15)

* New plugin: devpi server fixture
* pytest-profiling improvement: overly-long .prof files are saved as the short hash of the test name (Thanks to Vladimir Lagunov for PR)
* Changed default behavior of to not use a subshell for security reasons
* Corrected method to handle arguments the same as the parent method
* Removed deprecated '--distribute' from virtualenv args

### 1.0.1 (2015-12-23)

* Packaging bugfix

### 1.0.0 (2015-12-21)

* Initial public release

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