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pytest-salt-containers 0.2.dev10

A Pytest plugin that builds and creates docker containers


A Pytest plugin that makes it easy to write integration tests for salt


This `Pytest`_ plugin was generated with `Cookiecutter`_ along with `@hackebrot`_'s `Cookiecutter-pytest-plugin`_ template.


You can install "pytest-salt-containers" via `pip`_ from `PyPI`_::

$ pip install pytest-salt-containers


How to write tests and how they work

Writing a "" test

For this we need a salt master and a minion.
We can do that by creating a new file in the `tests` folder:

.. compound::


def test_ping_minion(master, minion):

This uses `master` and `minion` fixtures defined in `tests/`.

_Note: The fixtures defined in `` (or in the current file) are automatically discovered by `py.test`_

The fixtures rely on [fatory-boy]( factories defined in `tests/`.
The factories take care of running `sast-master` and `salt-minion` in separate docker containers (it is also possible to run them in the same container).

With this, we have a running salt-master and a salt-minion.

To make master accept minion, I have created a convenient fixture called `minion_key_accepted`
Let's modify the test above to use it.

.. compound::


def test_ping_minion(master, minion, minion_key_accepted):

To run `salt <minion-id>` on master and assert minion replied, do this:

.. compound::


def test_ping_minion(master, minion, minion_key_accepted):
assert master.salt(minion['id'], "")[minion['id']] is True

This might fail sometimes because the command might be run before .
In order to avoid that, I have created a `retry` helper that raises an exception if the command was not successful within `config.TIME_LIMIT`. So we need to change the test like this:

.. compound::


from utils import retry

def test_ping_minion(master, minion, minion_key_accepted):

def ping():
return master.salt(minion['id'], "")[minion['id']]

assert retry(ping)

Contributions are very welcome. Tests can be run with `tox`_, please ensure
the coverage at least stays the same before you submit a pull request.


Distributed under the terms of the `MIT`_ license, "pytest-salt-containers" is free and open source software


If you encounter any problems, please `file an issue`_ along with a detailed description.

.. _`Cookiecutter`:
.. _`@hackebrot`:
.. _`MIT`:
.. _`BSD-3`:
.. _`GNU GPL v3.0`:
.. _`Apache Software License 2.0`:
.. _`cookiecutter-pytest-plugin`:
.. _`file an issue`:
.. _`pytest`:
.. _`tox`:
.. _`pip`:
.. _`PyPI`:
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