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pytest-smartcov 0.3

Smart coverage plugin for pytest.

Smart coverage measurement and reporting for py.test test suites.

Test suites are usually structured parallel to (or integrated with) the structure of the code they test. If you ask py.test to run a certain subset of your tests, you shouldn’t have to also tell coverage which subset of your code it should measure coverage on for that run. With pytest-smartcov, you don’t have to.


pytest-smartcov requires Python 2.7 or higher and coverage 3.6 or higher.


If pytest-smartcov is installed and you provide a smartcov_paths_hook setting in your pytest.ini, coverage will automatically be measured on all your test runs, unless you provide the --no-cov flag.


To use pytest-smartcov, provide a smartcov_paths_hook ini-config setting which is the Python dotted import path to a function. This function should accept as its single parameter the list of test paths specified on a py.test command line, and should return the list of paths on which code coverage will be measured.


If 100% of the measured code was covered, pytest-smartcov will output a single line at the end of test run notifying you that you have 100% coverage.

If you have less than 100% coverage on the measured code, pytest-smartcov will output a terminal report including only those files which had less than 100% coverage.

If there was less than 100% overall coverage, pytest-smartcov will also output an HTML report (to the htmlcov/ directory by default, though this can be configured normally in .coveragerc).


0.1 (2014.10.28)

  • Initial working version.
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