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pytest-tornado 0.4.5

A py.test plugin providing fixtures and markers to simplify testing of asynchronous tornado applications.

A py.test plugin providing fixtures and markers to simplify testing of asynchronous tornado applications.


pip install pytest-tornado


import pytest
import tornado.web

class MainHandler(tornado.web.RequestHandler):
    def get(self):
        self.write("Hello, world")

application = tornado.web.Application([
    (r"/", MainHandler),

def app():
    return application

def test_hello_world(http_client, base_url):
    response = yield http_client.fetch(base_url)
    assert response.code == 200

Running tests



creates an instance of the tornado.ioloop.IOLoop for each test case
get a port used by the test server
get an absolute base url for the test server, for example, http://localhost:59828
start a tornado HTTP server, you must create an app fixture, which returns the tornado.web.Application to be tested
get an asynchronous HTTP client

Show fixtures provided by the plugin:

py.test --fixtures


A gen_test marker lets you write a coroutine-style tests used with the tornado.gen module:

def test_tornado(http_client):
    response = yield http_client.fetch('')
    assert response.code == 200

Marked tests will time out after 5 seconds. The timeout can be modified by setting an ASYNC_TEST_TIMEOUT environment variable, --async-test-timeout command line argument or a marker argument.

def test_tornado(http_client):
    yield http_client.fetch('')

The mark can also receive a run_sync flag, which if turned off will, instead of running the test synchronously, will add it as a coroutine and run the IOLoop (until the timeout). For instance, this allows to test things on both a client and a server at the same time.

def test_tornado(http_server, http_client):
    response = yield http_client.fetch('http://localhost:5555/my_local_server_test/')
    assert response.body == 'Run on the same IOLoop!'

Show markers provided by the plugin:

py.test --markers
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