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pytest-translations 2.0.0

Test your translation files.

PyTest Translations

A py.test plugin to check gettext po & mo files.

Test check for:

  • Spelling (using enchant & aspell)
  • Consistency of mo files
  • Obsolete translations
  • Fuzzy translations


Install the PyPi package.

pip install pytest-translations

The spell checking requires enchant and aspell including the correct dictionary.

On Linux simply install:

sudo apt-get install python3-enchant python-enchant aspell-{en|de|CHOSE YOUR LANGUAGE CODES}

To set up travis-ci simply add the apt packages to your travis-ci config YAML:

    - python-enchant
    - python3-enchant
    - aspell-en
    - aspell-de

On Mac you can use brew to install:

brew install aspell --with-lang-{en|de|CHOSE YOUR LANGUAGE CODES}
brew install enchant


To execute the translation tests simply run

py.test --translations

Every file ending in .mo and .po will be discovered and tested, starting from the command line arguments.

You also can execute only the translation-tests by using:

py.test -m translations --translations

Private Word Lists

You will almost certainly use words that are not included in the default dictionaries. That is why you can add your own word list that you want to add to the dictionary.

You may do so by adding a plain text file where each line is a word. Words beginning with a capital letter are case sensitive where lower case words are insensitive.

There can be one file for each language contained in a single folder. The files should be named like the proper language code.

For example:

└── .spelling
    ├── de
    ├── en_GB
    └── en_US

What’s left to do is to set an environment variable to point to right directory.

For example:

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
pytest-translations-2.0.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2017-11-28 8KB