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pytest 2.4.2

py.test: simple powerful testing with Python

Latest Version: 3.0.7



The py.test testing tool makes it easy to write small tests, yet scales to support complex functional testing. It provides

  • auto-discovery of test modules and functions,
  • detailed info on failing assert statements (no need to remember self.assert* names)
  • modular fixtures for managing small or parametrized long-lived test resources.
  • multi-paradigm support: you can use py.test to run test suites based on unittest (or trial), nose
  • single-source compatibility to Python2.4 all the way up to Python3.3, PyPy-1.9 and Jython-2.5.1.
  • many external plugins.

A simple example for a test:

# content of
def test_function():
    i = 4
    assert i == 3

which can be run with py.test See getting-started for more examples.

For much more info, including PDF docs, see

and report bugs at:

and checkout repos at: (mirror)

Copyright Holger Krekel and others, 2004-2013 Licensed under the MIT license.

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