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python-calendrical 2.0.1

Calendrical calculation module

This module handles calculations about various calendars. It is based on “Calendrical Calculations” and “Calendrical Calculations, II: Three Historical Calendars”.

In addition to the above, I also wrote code for a few calendars.

This module supports the following calendars:

Gregorian (New Style), Week Date (“ISO”), Julian (Old Style), Islamic (Moslem), Hebrew (Jewish), Mayan, French Revolutionary, Old Hindu, Achelis’, Coptic, Ethiopian, Jalali, Bahá’í, Indian National (experimental), Revised Bengali (experimental), Nanakshahi (experimental) and Kyūreki

This “Calendrical” module was derived from old “Calendar” modules. lib/ is avaiable for backward compatibility.

NOTE: The correlation of Mayan Long Count is GMT (584,283). Jalali is not complete yet. Indian National, Revised Bengali and Nanakshahi are now experimental. This module represents Japanese traditional calendar (“Kyūreki”) in Gregorian year. This module handles Julian day number and Modified Julian daynumber as “chronological” ones.