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python-ebay 0.1dev

Python Wrapper for eBay API

Latest Version: 0.2.0b5dev

python-ebay - Python Wrapper for eBay API

This project intends to create a simple python wrapper around eBay APIs.

How to Install
1. Download [python-ebay][1]
2. Rename: `config.ini.example` to `config.ini`
3. Configure `config.ini` to it's required values. You need to generate the values from eBay Developer Program [here][4]
4. `python install`
This will install the package.
5. How to Use (see all operations in /examples):
`from import FindProducts`
`print FindProducts("pen", "false", "10", "JSON")`

API Details

The detailed list of eBay's API and it's short description is listed on our wiki page [here][2].
This list might not be current, please refer for the most recent list [here][3] on official eBay developer website.



Apache License, Version 2.0
Please refer to details here:

Eike Welk
Utkarsh Sengar
Roopesh Vaddepally
Stephen Balaban