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python-ecore 1.7.0

Python bindings for Ecore

Python bindings for Ecore and Ecore/Evas, part of Enlightenment Foundation Libraries.

Ecore is the core event abstraction layer and X abstraction layer that makes doing selections, Xdnd, general X stuff, and event loops, timeouts and idle handlers fast, optimized, and convenient. It’s a separate library so anyone can make use of the work put into Ecore to make this job easy for applications.

Ecore/Evas binds Evas to its underlying output and event systems, like X, Framebuffer, DirectFB, OpenGL and possible more, taking care of converting events to an uniform structure and handling them to applications, also updating the screen when necessary (expose events, for instance), toggling fullscreen, setting window shape, border and other parameters.

Ecore/X is acts on low-level X11 API, providing resources like XDamage, XFixes, window management and more.