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python-edgar 1.0

Download the SEC EDGAR index since 1993.

Download the SEC EDGAR fillings index with python-edgar

python-edgar downloads the EDGAR fillings index from the SEC FTP. The index is comprised of IDX files. An IDX file is a csv-like file that contains the following information:
- Company name (eg. ```TWITTER, INC```)
- Company CIK (eg.``` 0001418091```)
- Filling date (eg. ```2013-10-03```)
- Filling type (eg. ```S1```)
- Filling URL on EDGAR (```edgar/data/1418091/0001193125-13-390321.txt```)

python-edgar takes care of generating the index' file list, download the files and strip the headers so all you have to do is open the files with ```csv.csvreader(idxfile, delimiter="|")``` to have the data programmatically usable.

How to use python-edgar
Install from pip in a virtualenv
pip install python-edgar

Download EDGAR index
import edgar
import ftplib
ftp = ftplib.FTP(edgar.FTP_ADDR)
edgar.download_all(ftp, "/tmp")
except Exception as e:
print e

>>> INFO:edgar:downloading edgar/daily-index/master.20140417.idx file in /tmp/
INFO:edgar:downloaded edgar/daily-index/master.20140417.idx
INFO:edgar:downloading edgar/daily-index/master.20140418.idx file in /tmp/
INFO:edgar:downloaded edgar/daily-index/master.20140418.idx
INFO:edgar:downloading edgar/daily-index/master.20140421.idx file in /tmp/

List the index files downloaded
import glob

>>> In [8]: for idx in glob.glob("/tmp/*.idx"):
...: print idx



[Edouard Swiac]:
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python-edgar-1.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-06-11 3KB