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python-evrythng 0.3.2

A comprehensive pythonic wrapper around the Evrythng REST API.

A comprehensive pythonic wrapper around the Evrythng REST API.

For more information about Evrythng and the API that this module wraps, see the Evrythng Documentation Portal.


python-evrythng is available on PyPI and can be installed via pip.

$ pip install python-evrythng

Example Usage

import os
from evrythng import entities

EVT_OPERATOR_KEY = 'your operator key from the Accounts page'
os.environ['PYEVT_DEBUG'] = '1'

print('Creating a  Project...')
response = entities.create_project('python-evrythng Project')
assert response.status_code == 201
project_id = response.json()['id']

print('Creating an Application under Project={}...'.format(
response = entities.create_application(project_id,
                                       'python-evrythng Application')
assert response.status_code == 201
response_json = response.json()

print('You can get the Trusted API key of the Application...')
application_id = response_json['id']
trusted_app_key = entities.read_trusted_application_key(
    project_id, application_id)
app_key = response_json['appApiKey']
print('Trusted App Key = {} for Application={}'.format(
    trusted_app_key, application_id))

Found a bug, wanna help?

Awesome, let us know! Create a pull request.

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