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python-gegl 0.2

Wrappers to simplify GEGL usage with python

Latest Version: 0.2.1

Python lithweight wrapper for using GEGL - Generic Graphics Library (

Currently working for Python2 and Python3


In the past, there were custom Python bindings for GEGL on the library source tree itself. However, that code bit-rot and was removed, with the introduction of gobject introspection, automatic bindings for several languages - Python included - could be generated.

The problem with the automatic bindings for GEGL is that although usable, one has to do a lot of typing and copying around to be able to leverage on the introspection capabilities of Gobject and of GEGL itself.

This project ains to add some custom Python code that makes it more “pythonic” to make full use of GEGL.

The file “” contains an example of using GEGL thorugh raw gobject introspection - you don’t need this project installed at all to use code like that.

With this installed, even in this early stage, the following statements are enough to create and execute the same GEGL graph used in “”:

>>> import gegl
>>> x = gegl.Graph("png-load", "invert", "png-save")
>>> x[0].path = "/home/gwidion/bla.png"
>>> x[0]
>>> x[2].path = "/home/gwidion/bla2.png"
>>> x()


You will need a working GEGL with Gobject introspection installed, and pygobject. This comes out of the box with proper install of GEGL and gobject introspection: works in Fedora 20 (late 2013) and possibly other recent distributions as of 2014.
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python-gegl-0.2.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-06-06 14KB