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python-humble-utils 2.0.0

Python utils for everyday use.

Python Humble Utils

Python utils for everyday use.

Feature Areas

  • File operations.
  • File/directory paths extraction.
  • File/directory paths randomization.
  • String case conversions.
  • Python class convenience shortcuts.
  • py.test fixtures and helpers.


$ pip install python-humble-utils

or install from sources:

$ python install

Refer to Installation for detailed instructions.


import os

from python_humble_utils.commands import (

# ...

file_paths = yield_file_paths(dir_path=os.path.join('dir', 'with', 'scripts'),
                              allowed_file_extensions=['.sh', '.bash'],
# assert set(file_paths) == set(['', 's2.bash', 's3.bash'])

s = camel_or_pascal_case_to_snake_case('camelCasedString')
# assert s == 'camel_cased_string'

s = camel_or_pascal_case_to_snake_case('PascalCasedString')
# assert s == 'pascal_cased_string'

# ...


Your contributions are very much welcome! Refer to Contributing for more details.

Code of Conduct

All those using python-humble-utils, including its codebase and project management ecosystem are expected to follow the Python Community Code of Conduct.


This package was scaffolded via Cookiecutter with audreyr/cookiecutter-pypackage template.

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