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python-mpd2 0.5.3

A Python MPD client library

Package Documentation


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    :alt: Build Status

*python-mpd2* is a Python library which provides a client interface for
the `Music Player Daemon <>`__.

Difference with python-mpd

python-mpd2 is a fork of `python-mpd`_.  While 0.4.x was backwards compatible
with python-mpd, starting with 0.5 provides enhanced features which are *NOT*
backward compatibles with the original `python-mpd`_ package.  (see PORTING.txt
for more information)

The following features were added:

-  Python 3 support (but you need at least Python 2.6)
-  support for the upcoming client-to-client protocol
-  support for new commands from MPD v0.17 (seekcur, prio, prioid,
   config, searchadd, searchaddpl)
-  remove deprecated commands (volume)
-  explicitly declared MPD commands (which is handy when using for
   example `IPython <>`__)
-  a test suite
-  API documentation to add new commands (see `Future Compatible <>`__)
-  support for Unicode strings in all commands (optionally in python2,
   default in python3 - see `Unicode Handling <>`__)
-  configureable timeouts
-  support for `logging <>`__
-  improved support for sticker
-  improved support for ranges

If you like this module, you could try contact the original author or join the discussion on the
`issue tracker <>`__ so that
it gets merged upstream.

Getting the latest source code

If you would like to use the latest source code, you can grab a
copy of the development version from Git by running the command::

    $ git clone git://

Getting the latest release

The latest stable release of *python-mpd2* can be found on
`PyPI <>`__



    $ pip install python-mpd2

Installation in Linux/BSD distributions

Until Linux distributions adapt this package, here are some ready to use
packages to test your applications:

See `INSTALL.rst <INSTALL.rst>`__

Installing from source

To install *python-mpd2* from source, simply run the command::

    $ python install

You can use the *--help* switch to ** for a complete list of commands
and their options. See the `Installing Python Modules <>`__ document for more details.


`Documentation <>`__

`Getting Started <>`__

`Command Reference <>`__

`Examples <examples>`__


Just run::

    $ python test

This will install `Tox <>`__. Tox will take care of
testing against all the supported Python versions (at least available) on our
computer, with the required dependencies

Building Documentation

Install Sphinx::

    $ easy_install -U Sphinx

Change to the source directory an run::

    $ python ./ build_sphinx

The command reference is generated from the official mpd protocol documentation.
In order to update it, install python-lxml and run the following command::

    $ python ./doc/ > ./doc/topics/commands.rst

Contacting the author

Just contact me (Mic92) on Github or via email (

Usually I hang around on Jabber:

You can contact the original author by emailing
J. Alexander Treuman

He can also be found idling in #mpd on as jat.

.. |Build Status| image::

.. _python-mpd:
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
python-mpd2-0.5.3.tar.bz2 (md5) Source 2014-01-28 28KB
python-mpd2-0.5.3.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-01-28 33KB (md5) Source 2014-01-28 40KB
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