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python-odesk 0.5.8

Python bindings to oDesk API

Copyright (c) 2010-2014, oDesk All rights reserved.

Python bindings to oDesk API

This is a Python bindings for Public oDesk API Using the API you can build apps that will help you:

  • Mangage your distributed team
  • Search for contractors and jobs
  • Send bulk invitations to interview and make offers
  • Send bulk messages to your team
  • Retrieve Time & Financial information for your company, team and contractors

API is the best way to comunicate between apps.


httplib2==0.9 oauth2==1.5.211 urllib3==1.10 httplib2.system-ca-certs-locater==0.1.1


pip install python-odesk

All the dependencies will be automatically installed as well.

SSL Certificates Note

We recomend to install a package httplib2.system_ca_certs_locater (it is installed by default during python_odesk installation):

pip install pbr httplib2.system_ca_certs_locater

It will force httplib2 to use the OS’s certificates file.

If you want to use your own certificates, put the following code during initialization:

os.environ['HTTPLIB_CA_CERTS_PATH'] = '/path/to/my/ca_certs.txt'


First, you need to create API key for authorization here:

Installing Ipython interactive shell is very useful for playing with the API, it has autocomplete, history, displays docstring help if you add ‘?’ to the end of variable/function/class/method and many other nice things. So we greatly encourage you to install it: pip install ipython

To get started, look at the docs and also look at the examples/ folder to see examples how to obtain oauth access tokens for web application and desktop application.

Also threre’s a list of opensource projects using python-odesk:

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