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python-pit 0.2.0

Python as a stream filter

Latest Version: 0.3.0

pit-- Python as a stream filter

What's new in version 0.2

* NOTE: expression evaluation is now default; -e now stands for _execute_
* -b flag can be used to execute code before loop
* optional positonal statement after loop

What's new in version 0.1.1
* Lines of standard input can be split up by a field separator.
* -e flag evaluates command as an expression.

Pit is a tool for making it easier to run Python on the command line.
It is designed to be a swiss army knife for people who aren't as familiar with
(or who don't want to deal with) the entire array of Unix utilities.

Example uses:

Quick calculator
pit ".97**12"

Prints out words per line
Lines of standard input are piped into the underscore variable, _
cat document.txt | pit "len(_)"

Filter lines
cat document.csv | pit -f 'len(_) > 10'

Count unique occurences of lines in a document:
The -e flag causes pit to execute the code, rather than evaluate it.
The -b flag (--begin) allows initialization code to be set up.
An optional positional argument after the main code section is run after the input ends.
cat redundant.txt | pit -e -b 'a=set()' 'a.add(_)' 'print len(a)'  
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