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python-rdm 0.1.8a

Relational data mining in python

# Python Relational Data Mining #

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This python project was created to enable easier use of several inductive logic programming (ILP) and relational data mining (RDM) algorithm implementations. One important aim of the project is to offer a common bridge between a RDBMS and the ILP&RDM implementations, since many of approaches accept databases in their own format.

This project also includes the UI components (widgets) for the [ClowdFlows]( data mining platform.

Currently, the project offers support for MySQL and PostgreSQL databases and the following algorithms: Aleph, RSD, Wordification, TreeLiker, Caraf, Relaggs, Quantiles, Cardinalization, 1BC, 1BC2, and Tertius.

## Included approaches ##

Although python-rdm itself is MIT licensed, we include approaches that have their own licenses (all of the sources are unmodified). To be sure, please contact the respective authors if you want to use their approach for any commercial purposes.

[Nicolas Lachiche](’s team at the University of Strasbourg contributions:

## Installation, documentation ##

Please find installation instructions, examples and API reference on [Read the Docs](

## Note ##

Please note that this is a research project and that drastic changes can be (and are) made pretty regularly. Changes are documented in the [CHANGELOG](

Pull requests and issues are welcome.

## Contributors to the RDM package code ##

Anže Vavpetič (@anzev), Nicolas Lachiche, Alain Shakour (@alshak), Matic Perovšek (@mperice)

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