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python-redmine 0.1.0

Library for communicating with a Redmine project management application

Latest Version: 2.0.2

Python Redmine is a library for communicating with a Redmine project management application. Redmine exposes some of it’s data via REST API for which Python Redmine provides a simple but powerful Pythonic API inspired by a well-known Django ORM:

>>> redmine = Redmine('')
>>> project = redmine.project.get('vacation')
>>> project.identifier
>>> project.created_on
datetime.datetime(2013, 12, 31, 13, 27, 47)
>>> project.issues
<redmine.resultsets.ResourceSet object with Issue resources>
>>> project.issues[0]
<redmine.resources.Issue #34441 "Vacation">
>>> dir(project.issues[0])
['assigned_to', 'author', 'created_on', 'description', 'done_ratio',
'due_date', 'estimated_hours', 'id', 'priority', 'project', 'relations',
'start_date', 'status', 'subject', 'time_entries', 'tracker', 'updated_on']
>>> project.issues[0].subject
>>> project.issues[0].time_entries
<redmine.resultsets.ResourceSet object with TimeEntry resources>


Python Redmine relies heavily on great Requests library by Kenneth Reitz for all the http(s) calls.


To install Python Redmine, simply:

$ pip install python-redmine


$ easy_install python-redmine


Documentation is available at

Contact and Support

I will be glad to get your feedback, pull requests, issues, whatever. Feel free to contact me for any questions.

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