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python-simple-di 1.4.0

A simple dependency injection container.

Latest Version: 1.7.0


python-simple-di is a dependency injection container implementation. With its help you can create instances and its dependencies on runtime.


You can install python-simple-di via pip:

pip install python-simple-di

or via easy_install:

easy_install python-simple-di


To configure the di.DIContainer you need to pass a dict with the needed configuration in it. Define the objects name as key to access it at runtime. The value needs to be the configuration to create the instance.

  • type (required): This option defines the type with its complete python dotted path. You can add a python that will dynamicly become added to the sys.path if the instance is requested. Examples:

    'type': ''
    # or
    'type': '/add/to/sys/'
  • args (optional): The args can be a list of values to pass as Arguments or a dict to pass as Keyword Arguments. To mix both define a dictionary with an empty string as key and a list as value. Examples:

    'args': ['first', 3, 'third']
    # or
    'args': {'one': '1', 'two':'two'}
    # or
    'args': {'': [1, 'two'], 'three': 3}
  • lazy (optional): This option defines weather the object will be created on runtime or will be created on container initialization. Example:

    'lazy': False # default: True
  • singleton (optional, default: True): If this option is set to True, the created instance will become saved inside the container. Next time the same instance will be returned. If this value is set to False a new instance will be created every time.

  • properties (optional): This options works similar to the args option. After an instance was created a buildup is called. This buildup fills the given Properties with the given values.

  • assert_type (optional): Checks weather the created type has the given base_type.

    'type': '',
    'assert_type': ''

Argument Resolvers


  • ref: …
  • rel: …
  • mod: …
  • factory: …
  • attr: …


You can pass an EventDispatcher into the DiContainer. This Dispatcher will be called if anything interesting happens inside the Container. BaseType is di.DIEventDispatcher.


container = DIContainer(config)
instance = container.resolve('instance_key')
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