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python-subreg 0.0.7

Python wrapper around the SOAP API

Python wrapper around the SOAP API


pip install python-subreg


First import module and instance class

>>> from subreg import Api
>>> subreg = Api('username', 'password')
  • Get informations about a single domain from your account

    >>> domain_info = subreg.info_domain('')
    >>> print domain_info
  • Get DNS Zone for domain

    >>> records = subreg.get_dns_zone('')
  • Add DNS record to domain DNS zone

    >>> record = dict(name='', type='TXT', content='content')
    >>> record_id = subreg.add_dns_record('', record)
    >>> print record_id
  • Set Google MX records

    >>> subreg.set_google_mx_records('')
  • python-subreg documentation

  • Subreg API documentation

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