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python-tdbus 0.9

A Python interface to D-BUS

Latest Version: 0.11


Python-tdbus is a simple ("trivial") python interface for D-BUS. It builds
directly on top of libdbus and has no other dependencies. Some benefits of
python-tdbus with respect to the standard dbus-python [1]_ Python bindings:

* The code is extremely simple. Python-tdbus is < 2.000 lines of code (C and
Python), while dbus-python contains > 15.000 lines of code.
* Event loop integration is not required for sending and receiving signals (if
you can afford to block).
* Includes `gevent' [2]_ event loop integration.
* Event loop integration can be achieved in Python code rather than in C.
* Uses native Python types for method and signal arguments, driven by a simple
format string.
* Provides a more "correct" object model (IMHO) where there's separate
Dispatcher and Connection objects, instead of putting dispatching
functionality into the connection object.

Building and Installing

$ python build
# python install

or using pip

$ pip install python-tdbus


Python-tdbus should work with Python 2.6 and later (Python 3.x included).

Comments and Suggestion

Feel free to add an issue on the Github site for python-tdbus:


See the examples/ directory and "pydoc tdbus".


.. [1]
.. [2]
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