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python-wepay 1.4.2

Python SDK for WePay API (third party).

Latest Version: 1.5.0

python-wepay: Python WePay SDK (third party)


  • Make API calls in a very natural pythonic way, ex:
>>> api = WePay(production=False, access_token='STAGE_243...')
>>> response = api.account.create("name", "description", type='nonprofit')
>>> account_id = response['account_id']
>>> callback_uri = "" % account_id
>>> response = api.account.modify(account_id, callback_uri=callback_uri)
>>> api.preapproval.create("short description", "daily", amount=45.5, account_id=account_id)
{"preapproval_id":619202, "preapproval_uri":""}
  • Validation of all required and optional parameters to each one of the calls.
  • Very easy construction of batch calls, simply by passing batch_mode=True to a call, ex:
>>> call1 = api.checkout.create(1234, short_description, type, amount, batch_mode=True)
>>> call2 = api.withdrawal.find(1235, sort_order='ASC', access_token='access_token_for_other_account', batch_mode=True)
>>> response = api.batch.create(client_id, client_secret, [call1, call2])


This package started as a part of Django WePay Application, but I soon realized it could be useful to other developers in Python community that do not use Django. Originally it meant to be an extension of an official Python WePay SDK, but instead it became a replacement. This package is also listed as a third party Python SDK on WePay.





pip install python-wepay


MIT licensed. See the bundled LICENSE file for more details.



  • Removed backward compatibility with official Python WePay SDK.
  • introduced WePayHTTPError<wepay.exceptions.WePayHTTPError>, which is a base exception for both WePayClientError<wepay.exceptions.WePayClientError> and WePayServerError<wepay.exceptions.WePayServerError>
  • added cached_property decorator.
  • changed they way calls are initialized. This change doesn’t affect the way calls are made.


  • Fixed and improved error handling, new exceptions: WePayClientError<wepay.exceptions.WePayClientError> and WePayServerError<wepay.exceptions.WePayServerError>


  • Connection timeout can be specified on per call basis.


  • Python 3 compatible
  • Calls are made using requests library by default (if installed), falls back to urllib if requests are not installed or if WePay is initialized with use_requests=False.
  • WePayConnectionError is raised in case there is a problem connecting to WePay server, ex. timeout.
  • Addition of a full test suit.
  • Minor:
    • ‘original_ip’ and ‘original_device’ params are now optional in /credit_card/create.
    • silent mode is more flexible.
    • Moved SubscriptionPlan and SubscriptionCharge to their own modules.
    • Moved WePayWarning over to wepay.exceptions module.


  • New API version 2014-01-08 changes are reflected in this SDK version:
    • implemented /user/register and user/resend_confirmation calls.
    • added /account/get_update_uri and /account/get_reserve_details
    • depricated /account/add_bank, /account/balance, /account/get_tax and /account/set_tax calls.
  • restructured SDK in such a way that all API objects are separate classes, so as an example, if we have a WePay instance api = WePay() and we want to make a /account/find call, it will look like this api.account.find() instead of api.account_find() (notice . instead of _), although in this version both are equivalent, latter one is depricated and will be removed in version 1.3. Despite these changes lookup calls will be the same, ex. api.account(12345).
  • Added flexibility to use different API version per call basis. So it is now possible to make a depricated call like this: api.account.balance(1234, api_version='2011-01-15')
  • added batch_reference_id keyword argument to each call that accepts batch_mode


  • Added required arguments to /credit_card/create call:
    • original_ip
    • original_device


  • Added subscription calls:
    • /subscription_plan
    • /subscription
    • /subscription_charge
  • Few bug and spelling fixes.


  • Initial release
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python_wepay-1.4.2-py2-none-any.whl (md5) Python Wheel py2 2014-08-26 36KB
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