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python-zaqarclient 1.9.0

Client Library for OpenStack Zaqar Messaging API

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Python Zaqar Client

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:Wiki: `Zaqar Wiki`_
:Launchpad: `Zaqar Launchpad`_
:Review: `Code Review`_
:Design: `Client Wiki`_
:IRC: #openstack-zaqar @ freenode

Welcome to the `Zaqar`_ Python Client project!

**Table of Contents**

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The latest stable release can be installed from PyPI::

pip install --upgrade python-zaqarclient

For the adventurous, you may also install the latest code directly from git

pip install git+

What's in the box

By installing python-zaqarclient you get programmatic access to the Zaqar v1.0
API library. Plus, it installs a plugin to python-openstackclient that allows
you to perform simple queue operations.

How to use

Python client

Details about design, features, usage and workflow can be found in the
`Python Client Wiki`_.

.. _Python Client Wiki:

Command line interface

Zaqar bases its client implementation in the `OpenStack Client`_. It can be
installed and configured by following the instructions in *Getting Started*
and *Configuration* in the `OpenStack Client Readme`_ respectively.

The CLI currently allows creation, removal and listing of queues. Some examples

$ openstack queue list --limit 3
$ openstack queue create myqueue
$ openstack queue delete myqueue

.. _`OpenStack Client`:
.. _`OpenStack Client Readme`:


Be sure to reference the `HACKING`_ file for details on coding style. You may
also wish to read through Zaqar's `Contributor Guide`_ before contributing your
first patch.

.. _Zaqar:
.. _Zaqar Wiki:
.. _Contributor Guide:
.. _Zaqar Launchpad:
.. _Code Review:,n,z
.. _Client Wiki:

* License: Apache License, Version 2.0
* `PyPi`_ - package installation
* `Bugs`_ - issue tracking
* `Source`_

.. _PyPi:
.. _Bugs:
.. _Source:

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