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python_jsonschema_objects 0.0.5

An object wrapper for JSON Schema definitions

Latest Version: 0.3.2



python-jsonschema-objects provides an *automatic* class-based binding to
JSON schemas for use in python.

For example, given the following schema:

.. code:: schema

"title": "Example Schema",
"type": "object",
"properties": {
"firstName": {
"type": "string"
"lastName": {
"type": "string"
"age": {
"description": "Age in years",
"type": "integer",
"minimum": 0
"dogs": {
"type": "array",
"items": {"type": "string"},
"maxItems": 4
"required": ["firstName", "lastName"]

jsonschema-objects can generate a class based binding. Assume here that
the schema above has been loaded in a variable called ``schema``:

.. code:: python

>>> import python_jsonschema_objects as pjs
>>> builder = pjs.ObjectBuilder(schema)
>>> ns = builder.build_classes()
>>> Person = ns.ExampleSchema
>>> james = Person(firstName="James", lastName="Bond")
>>> james.lastName
>>> james
<example_schema lastname="Bond" age="None" firstname="James">

Validations will also be applied as the object is manipulated.

.. code:: python

>>> james.age = -2
python_jsonschema_objects.validators.ValidationError: -4 was less
or equal to than 0

The object can be serialized out to JSON:

.. code:: python

>>> james.serialize()
'{"lastName": "Bond", "age": null, "firstName": "James"}'


Ever struggled with how to define message formats? Been frustrated by
the difficulty of keeping documentation and message definition in
lockstep? Me too.

There are lots of tools designed to help define JSON object formats,
foremost among them `JSON Schema <http:"">`__. JSON
Schema allows you to define JSON object formats, complete with

However, JSON Schema is language agnostic. It validates encoded JSON
directly - using it still requires an object binding in whatever
language we use. Often writing the binding is just as tedious as writing
the schema itself.

This avoids that problem by auto-generating classes, complete with
validation, directly from an input JSON schema. These classes can
seamlessly encode back and forth to JSON valid according to the schema.



pip install python_jsonschema_objects


Tests are managed using the excellent Tox. Simply ``pip install tox``,
then ``tox``.


0.0.5 - Improved validation for additionalItems (and tests to match).
Provided dictionary-syntax access to object properties and iteration
over properties.

0.0.4 - Fixed some bugs that only showed up under specific schema
layouts, including one which forced remote lookups for schema-local

0.0.3b - Fixed ReStructuredText generation

0.0.3 - Added support for other array validations (minItems, maxItems,

0.0.2 - Array item type validation now works. Specifying 'items', will
now enforce types, both in the tuple and list syntaxes.

0.0.1 - Class generation works, including 'oneOf' and 'allOf'
relationships. All basic validations work.  
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