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python_toolbox 0.2

A collection of Python tools for various tasks

Latest Version: 0.9.3

The Python Toolbox is a collection of Python tools for various tasks. It contains:

  • python_toolbox.caching: Tools for caching functions, class instances and


  • python_toolbox.cute_iter_tools: Tools for manipulating iterables. Adds

    useful functions not found in Python’s built-in itertools.

  • python_toolbox.context_managers: Pimping up your context managers.

  • python_toolbox.emitters: A publisher-subscriber framework that doesn’t

    abuse strings.

  • And many, many more! The Python Toolbox contains 100+ useful little tools.

Please keep in mind that Python Toolbox is still in alpha stage, and that backward compatibility would not be maintained in this phase.



CI server:



Python Toolbox is at version 0.2, which is an alpha release. It’s being used in production every day, but backward compatibility isn’t guaranteed yet.

Next tasks

Making Python Toolbox support Python 3.x, and the packaging arrangements necessary.

Adding more useful tools.


Make a 1.0 release and start maintaining backward compatibility.

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