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python_vuejs 1.0.9

Gluing Python and Vue.js with a set of scripts in order to automate project and app builds

Package Documentation

Gluing Python and Vue.js with a set of scripts that automate the dev and build process.

Projects aims to be agnostic, just use it in order to automate the boring stuff to setup a Vue.js project.

The point is: you start with SPA app inside your current project and then extract it without having the dependency with backend framework, simply changing the npm build scripts.

Feel free to contribute with PRs and opening issues.

Thanks! Cheers! 🍻


  • Python 2.7+ or 3.4+
  • nodejs > 5 and npm > 3

Commands reference

python-vuejs is shipped with a nice cli built on top of click.:

(env) $ pyvue --help
Usage: pyvue [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

--help  Show this message and exit.

djangofy       Convert Vue.js webpack project into a django...
djbuild        Called inside `package.json`
djstartvueapp  Run click commands on bash.
installvuecli  Install vue-cli
startvueapp    Init vue project via vue-cli
vuebuild       Build Vue.js project via npm
vuecheck       Check if node > 5 and npm > 3 are installed
vuedev         Run frontend dev server via npm


To install python-vuejs, simply::

$ pip install python-vuejs

Vue.js - A quick overview

Wrappers around npm and vue. These commands automate the boring stuff of setup vue via vue-cli::

$ pyvue startvueapp myapp
$ cd myapp
$ pyvue vuedev

Before you go on production run::

$ cd myapp
$ pyvue vuebuild

Django - A quick overview

Run pyvue djstartvueapp into your django project directory:

(env) $ pyvue djstartvueapp myapp

Command installs all dependencies and make the myapp a django app.


  • Vue.js starter via vue-cli
  • Django integrations with no dependencies
  • Detach backend and frontend with less effort



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