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pythonnest 0.7.2

Pypi emulator and cloning tool .

Latest Version: 0.7.8


Pypi mirror, with export / import functionnalities based on Django 1.5.


As every Python package, you may use several ways to install PythonNest. Python 3.3+ is required, with the following packages:

  • setuptools >= 0.7
  • django >= 1.5
  • South >= 0.8
  • rpc4django (warning! you must install django 1.5 until rpc4django is patched to support django 1.6)

From the source:

$ cd PythonNest
$ sudo python install

With easyinstall:

$ sudo easy_install pythonnest

You can also use pip

$ sudo pip install pythonnest

We strongly advise to use virtualenv and gunicorn to run your server.


PythonNest use a small configuration file named pythonnest.ini. Its location depends on the location of the package, more precisely of the location of the pythonnest.djangoproject.settings package.

If the location is /foo/bar/lib/baz/pythonnest/djangoproject/, the configuration file is expected at /foo/bar/etc/pythonnest.ini. Use pythonnest-manage config to display its exact location.

Its content is quite limited:

ROOT_PATH = /var/data/pythonnest  ; root path for all data files (static files like CSS, and python packages)
HOST = http://localhost:8000/  ; complete URL of your package
DEBUG = True
TIME_ZONE = Europe/Paris
USE_XSENDFILE = False  ; if your mirror is behind a Apache with mod_xsendfile, use this option to increase perfs
DATABASE_ENGINE = django.db.backends.sqlite3  ; 'postgresql_psycopg2', mysql', 'sqlite3' or 'oracle'
DATABASE_NAME =  ; location of your sqlite db, or name of the sql database

Virtual environment

To create a functionnal virtual env and launch the service:

mkvirtualenv -p `which python3.3` pythonnest
workon pythonnest
pip install gunicorn pythonnest
pythonnest-manage syncdb
pythonnest-manage collectstatic
gunicorn -b -D pythonnest.djangoproject.wsgi:application

[TODO] - rss feeds - administration view (delete packages/versions/files)

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