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pythonselect 1.3

A tool to set current Python version


pythonselect is a tool to set the current Python version; it is included with ActivePython. If you have multiple Python versions installed - say, 2.6, 2.7 and 3.1 - then running the following will set Python 2.7 to be your current Python:

$ sudo pysel 2.7
C:\> pysel 2.7

How does it work?

On OSX, pythonselect creates symlinks in /usr/local/bin (hence sudo is required) linking to appropriate binaries in your non-system framework Python install at /Library/Frameworks/Python.framework.

On Windows, pythonselect manipulates the system %PATH% environment variable, AppPath and .py/.pyw associations. You will have to launch a new Command Prompt. Windows support is experimental. Note that on Vista and Windows 7, pysel must be run from an Administrator Command Window.


pythonselect is originally based on Komodo’s internal


Linux support is on the horizon.



  • Experimental Windows support (work in progress)
  • Issue 2: restore all possible symlinks in OSX


  • Python 3 support


  • Added arch-specific binaries on MacOSX (python-32, python-64, python-all)
  • Added 2to3 symlink


  • New: Accepts -h/-?/–help/help argument to print usage


  • New: Show list of installed Python versions without any argument
  • New: support for pypm, virtualenv, easy_install and pip


  • Fix: Prevent from running on non-MacOSX platforms


  • Initial import from Komodo source: mozilla/support/
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