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pytimeago 1.0.2

Human-oriented representation of time deltas, a Python library

Latest Version: 2.0

Convert time deltas into phrases like “5min ago”, “3h ago”, “2 days ago” etc.

Base work from Adomas Paltanavicius, but with two added versions: french and “short english”

This package has a number of modules in it, each for separate language. It is standard that module pytimeago.X has function X, which accepts at least on argument – number of seconds between two events. It may also accept extra keywords, which should be documented in the docstring of the function. Returned is always unicode string.

Usage pattern:

from pytimeago.english import english # or other… from time import time, sleep

a = time() # …do something here… delta = int(time() - a) print “job started %s” % english(delta)

Prints, e.g.

job started 15mins ago

Licenced under GNU Lesser General Public License, you can get a copy at:

Written by Adomas Paltanavicius (

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pytimeago-1.0.2.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-03-18 3KB