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pytracremote 0.0.3

Manager for multiple remote trac instances

Python wrapper over shell script that manages trac copying and .htpasswd management on remote server that serves mu;tiple trac instances in different folders.

This module may not have practical use for anyone except but it may be used as demonstration of shell-script wrapping in python


  1. Software on local host: ssh, apg
  2. Software on host with trac: htpasswd

Example usage

    >>> import pytracremote
    >>> t_r = pytracremote.TracRemote(ssh_host="", ssh_user="tracmanager", tracs_dir='/var/lib/trac/projects', htpasswd_path='/var/lib/trac/projects/.htpasswd', chgrp='apache2')
    >>> t_r.get_trac_users()
    ['user1', 'user2']
    >>> t_r.copy_trac('42-trac11-template', '42-test-deletemedelete')
    >>> # on remote directory '42-trac11-template' will be copied to '42-test-deletemedelete'
    >>> t_r.add_trac_user('42-test-deletemedelete', 'deletemedelete')
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
pytracremote-0.0.3.linux-x86_64.tar.gz (md5)
built for Linux-3.11.0-11-lowlatency-x86_64-with
"dumb" binary any 2014-01-02 5KB
pytracremote-0.0.3.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-01-02 3KB
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