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pytradfri 4.0.5

IKEA Trådfri/Tradfri API. Control and observe your lights from Python.

Latest Version: 5.3.1

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**NB:** Latest Gateway version tested and working - 1.2.42.

Python class to communicate with the [IKEA Trådfri]( (Tradfri) ZigBee-based Gateway. Using this library you can, by communicating with the gateway, control IKEA lights (including the RGB ones) and also Philips Hue bulbs. Some of the features include:

- Get information on the gateway
- Observe lights, groups and other resources and get notified when they change
- List all devices connected to gateway
- List all lights and get attributes of lights (name, state, color temp, dimmer level etc)
- Change attribute values of lights (name, state, color temp, dimmer level etc)
- Restart and reset gateway
- List smart tasks (wake up, on/off and not home) and their attributes
- Alter values in smart tasks (some of these features not available in app yet)

Table of contents:

1. [Installation](#1-installation)
2. [Stand-alone use (command-line interface)](#2-stand-alone-use-command-line-interface)
3. [Implement in your own Python platform](#3-implement-in-your-own-python-platform)
4. [Docker support](#4-docker-support)
5. [Acknowledgements](#5-acknowledgements)

## 1. Installation
You might have to use sudo for some commands to work when installing.

To use the library in a synchronous application, you first need to install [libcoap]( using [this script.](script/ Use `````` when testing this.

For asynchronous applications you will need to install [DTLSSocket]( for instance using the requirements file: ```shell pip install -r requirements.txt ```. Please note that install might take considerable time on slow devices. Use `````` when testing this.

Security best practice is to not store the security code that is printed on the gateway permanently in your application. Please always use the PSK when communicating with the gateway.

## 2. Stand-alone use (command-line interface)
![Screenshot of command line interface](./docs/pytradfri_cli.png)

If you want to test this library stand-alone in a command-line interface:

$ python3 -i -m pytradfri IP KEY
Where the following variables are substituted:
- **IP** is the IP-address to your gateway.
- **KEY** is written on the back of your IKEA Tradfri Gateway.

### Examples of commands in the stand-alone prompt:

List all lights:


Set brightnes of item 1 to 50 in lights list:


Observe a light for changes:

def change_listener(device):
print( + " is now " + str(device.light_control.lights[0].state))


## 3. Implement in your own Python platform
Please see the files,, or

## 4. Docker support

There is a Docker script available to bootstrap a dev environment. Run `./script/dev_docker` and you will build and launch a container that is ready to go for both sync and async. After launching, follow the above instructions to test the library stand-alone.

## 5. Acknowledgements
This is an implementation based on analysis [I]( found [here]( by [vidarlo](

A lot of work was also put in by Paulus Schoutsen ([@balloob]( who took the initial code concept into this library. Further work was done by Lewis Juggins ([@lwis]( to take the library to 2.0 with support for asyncio and 3.0 with more effective management of dependencies and consistency around return types. Lennart Buhl [@r41d]( and Maciej Sokołowski [@matemaciek]( made sure the library is supporting RGB bulbs.
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