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pytransloadit 0.1

A **Python** Integration for [Transloadit]('s file uploading and encoding service.

Latest Version: 0.1.7

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# python-sdk

A **Python** Integration for [Transloadit]('s file uploading and encoding service.

## Intro

[Transloadit]( is a service that helps you handle file uploads, resize, crop and watermark your images, make GIFs, transcode your videos, extract thumbnails, generate audio waveforms, and so much more. In short, [Transloadit]( is the Swiss Army Knife for your files.

This is a **Python** SDK to make it easy to talk to the [Transloadit]( REST API.

## Install

pip install pytransloadit

## Usage

from transloadit import client

tl = client.Transloadit('TRANSLOADIT_KEY', 'TRANSLOADIT_SECRET')
assembly = tl.new_assembly()
assembly.add_file(open('PATH/TO/FILE.jpg', 'rb'))
assembly.add_step('resize', '/image/resize', {'width': 70, 'height': 70})
assembly_response = assembly.create(retries=5, wait=True)


# or

## Example

For fully working examples, take a look at [`examples/`](

## Documentation

See [readthedocs]( for full API documentation.
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