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Python Vietnamese Toolkit

This tool makes it easy to do tokenizing / pos-tagging Vietnamese with Python.

Algorithm: Conditional Random Field Vietnamese tokenizer f1_score = 0.978637686 Vietnamese pos tagging f1_score = 0.92520656

POS TAGS: A - Adjective C - Coordinating conjunction E - Preposition I - Interjection L - Determiner M - Numeral N - Common noun Nc - Noun Classifier Ny - Noun abbreviation Np - Proper noun Nu - Unit noun P - Pronoun R - Adverb S - Subordinating conjunction T - Auxiliary, modal words V - Verb X - Unknown F - Filtered out (punctuation)


At the command line with pip

$ pip install pyvi


$ pip uninstall pyvi


from pyvi.pyvi import ViTokenizer, ViPosTagger

ViTokenizer.tokenize(u"Trường đại học bách khoa hà nội")

ViPosTagger.postagging(ViTokenizer.tokenize(u"Trường đại học Bách Khoa Hà Nội")
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pyvi- (md5) Source 2017-06-27 5MB