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pywxclient 0.1.0

A simple WeChat client written in Python.


A simple WeChat client is based on Web HTTP api, supporting authorization, login, fetching message and sending message.

Here we go:

>>> from pywxclient.core import Session, SyncClient

>>> s1 = Session()

>>> c1 = SyncClient(s1)

>>> c1.get_authorize_url()  # Open the url in web browser

>>> c1.authorize()  # Continue authorize when returning False

>>> c1.login()

>>> c1.sync_check()

>>> msgs = c1.sync_message()  # Here are your wechat messages

>>> c1.flush_sync_key()


  • WeChat authorization
  • WeChat login
  • Fetching WeChat contacts
  • Fetching all possible messages
  • Send text message
  • Send image message
  • Send video message
  • Send file message
  • Dump client as a dict
  • Load client from a dict
  • Local or network files uploading

pywxclient aims to only support Python 3, so there is no guarantee for Python 2.


We can simply use pip to install, as the following:

$ pip install pywxclient

or installing from git

$ pip install git+


In the examples directory, there are two simple python wechat client program as tutorials.

Or you can write a more complex wechat client with this pywxclient package.

How to Contribute

Open an issue, join a discussion or make a pull request.

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