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pyxform 0.9.20

A Python package to create XForms for ODK Collect.

Latest Version: 0.10.0

pyxform v0.9

pyxform is a Python library that makes writing XForms for ODK Collect and enketo
easy by converting XLS(X) spreadsheets into XForms. A new user of pyxform should
look at the documentation `here <https:"" syntax=""/>`_ or
`here <http:"" help="" form-design="" xlsform=""/>`_.

pyxform is used by ` <http:"">`_ and by ` <http:"">`_.

* uses the repo here:

* uses the repo here:

pyxform is a major rewrite of `xls2xform <http:"" mvpdev="" xls2xform=""/>`_.

Running pyxform as a Python script:

1. install xlrd.

#On ubuntu these terminal commands should do it:

easy_install pip

pip install xlrd

2. Run this command:

python pyxform/ path_to_XLSForm output_path

Installing pyxform from github is easy with pip::

pip install -e git+ GH USER NAME HERE/pyxform.git@master#egg=pyxform

To make sure the install worked out, you can do the following::

pip install nose==1.0.0

cd your-virtual-env-dir/src/pyxform


To check out the documentation for pyxform do the following::

pip install Sphinx==1.0.7

cd your-virtual-env-dir/src/pyxform/docs

make html

Chage Log
(since `v0.89
<https:"" modilabs="" pyxform="" tree="" 39097db3da789fef9e33a6680df1e912dd29c5db="">`_)

- Added support for submission_url and public_key settings.
- Added alternative syntax (\::) for grouping headers.
- Added new example/test spreadsheets: (xlsform_spec_test.xls, calculate.xls, warnings.xls)
- xls_to_dict in now converts everything (including numbers and booleans) to trimmed unicode values.
(This solves the issue with labels not being able to be numbers).
- Aliases added (see *_alias dictionaries in
- xls2json code can collect warnings into an array and print them to a file.
- Some errors and warnings have row numbers
- Merged jbeorse's base.xls with modilabs's base.xls into all.xls
- Fixed translations for media and hints
- Added media back in
- Added table-lists
- Automatic none option for select all that apply is off by default.
- Adding json_form_schema.json to document the json format.
(Perhaps it could be used for validation or form generation at some point).  
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pyxform-0.9.20.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-01-27 442KB