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pyzipcode 1.0

query zip codes and location data


This package will allow you to get zip code information. The data used in this package is retrieved from

pyzipcode uses a local sqlite database to run. You can replace it with your own other storage mechanism with a little effort.

Here is some basic usage..

>>> from pyzipcode import ZipCodeDatabase
>>> zcdb = ZipCodeDatabase()
>>> zipcode = zcdb[54115]
u'De Pere'
>>> zipcode.state
>>> zipcode.longitude
>>> zipcode.latitude
>>> zipcode.timezone

Search zip codes…

>>> from pyzipcode import ZipCodeDatabase
>>> zcdb = ZipCodeDatabase()
>>> len(zcdb.find_zip(city="Oshkosh"))

Get a list of zipcodes around a radius of a zipcode

>>> from pyzipcode import ZipCodeDatabase
>>> zcdb = ZipCodeDatabase()
>>> [ for z in zcdb.get_zipcodes_around_radius('54901', 10)]
[u'54901', u'54902', u'54903', u'54904', u'54906', u'54927', u'54952', u'54956', u'54957', u'54979', u'54985']


1.0 (2016-01-20)

  • Fix import code so that it is not run when the module is imported (for example, when building Sphinx API Documentation).
  • Rename the module to because import is a reserved Python keyword.
  • Document the import_zipcode module.



  • use strings instead of integer for storing zip codes since zip codes can start with a Zero.


  • catch sqlite db file reading errors and keep trying in case another process is trying to access the file at the same time.


  • initial release
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size (md5) Source 2016-01-20 1MB
  • Author: Nathan Van Gheem
  • Keywords: zip code distance
  • License: GPL
  • Package Index Owner: vangheem
  • DOAP record: pyzipcode-1.0.xml