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pyzolib 0.3.4

Utilities for the Pyzo environment.

Package pyzolib

The pyzolib package provides basic functionality for the Pyzo environment. It contains a collection of modules and small packages that should be imported as “from pyzolib import xxx”

The packages currently are:
  • path - object oriented path processing (no more os.path.x)
  • paths - Get paths to useful directories in a cross platform manner.
  • qt - Proxy for importing QtCore et al. from PySide or PyQt4
  • ssdf - the Simple Structured Data Format (for config files and scientific databases)
  • insertdocs - a sphynx pre-processor to include docstrings in the text, allowing to host the docs without requiring importing code.
  • pyximport - for easy on the fly compilation of Cython, using the Pyzo environment to establish the location of a gcc compiler.
  • gccutils - used by the above to manage the gcc compiler.
  • interprerers - list the Python interpreters available on this system.
  • dllutils - utilities to set the RPATH in dynamic libararies and remove depndencies on the MSVCR from the embedded manifest.
  • shebang - for making shebangs in pyzo distro absolute.
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pyzolib-0.3.4.tar.gz (md5) Source 2015-09-07 47KB