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qarnot 1.7.0

Qarnot Computing SDK

Qarnot computing Python SDK

This package allows you to use Qarnot cloud computing service.

You can launch, manage and monitor payloads running on distributed computing nodes deployed in Qarnot’s digital heaters.

Basic usage

Get your token and free computation time on

Launch a docker container in 7 lines:

import qarnot
conn = qarnot.connection.Connection({'client_auth': 'xxxx-mytoken-xxxx'})
task = conn.create_task('hello world', 'docker-batch', 4)
task.constants['DOCKER_CMD'] = 'echo hello world from node #${FRAME_ID}!'

Samples and documentations

You can find samples and detailed information on

SDK documentation is available here

Generating documentation

To generate the SDK documentation you can use the following command

make -C doc html

The index of the doc is then generated in doc/_build/html/index.html

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qarnot-1.7.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2018-02-13 61KB