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qds_ops 0.5.2

Python SDK for operating the Qubole Data Service

Latest Version: 0.8.3

qds_ops requires Python 2.6 or above. The machine has to be a valid knife client

    sudo pip install qds_ops

Development Setup
1. Make sure you have [virtualenv]( setup.
2. Create a virtualenv for this project.
3. Ignore egg-info in [git](
4. Activate the virtualenv everytime. (Ugh! One more thing to forget)
5. Change to source directory
6. Every time you make a change, run develop script

    mkdir ~/python-envs;
    virtualenv ~/python-envs/qds_ops;

    source ~/python-envs/qds_ops/bin/activate;
    cd ~/src/qds_ops/

    python develop;

Release Process
1. Make sure you have Qubole's credentials on Pypi stored in ~/.pypirc
2. Create a git tag with the version number. The format is qds_ops-<version>
3. Git Push to let everyone know.
4. Create package and upload to pypi.
5. Make profit!

    cat ~/.pypirc
    password:[pick it up from confluence]

    cd [qds_ops checkout dir]
    git tag -a qds_ops-0.2.4 -m '0.2.4' #For e.g.
    git push --tags

    python sdist upload

6. If for some reason you see the string "dirty" in the version string even though
   you are sure there are no uncommitted changes in your code, run:
    git update-index --refresh
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
qds_ops-0.5.2.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-01-29 39KB
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