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qgmap 0.1

Google Map widget for PySyde/PyQt4

Latest Version: 0.2

Qt Google Map widget for PySide/PyQt4


  • Specify locations either by latitude, longitude pairs or street addresses by means of GeoCoding
  • Programatically centering, zooming and manipulate markers
  • Flexible marker properties (ie. draggable, icon, title…)
  • Emits signals on user actions: dragged markers, pans or zooms
  • Easy to extend, thanks to the painless python-qt-javascript interface


By using pip:

$ pip3 install qgmap

From source:

python3 --install


Two main classes are provided:

  • qgmap.GeoCoder: Retrieves geo-coordinates (latitude, longitude) from street addresses
  • qgmap.QGoogleMap: A WebView widget containing a GoogleMap, with some convenience accessors to manage center, zoom, markers…

See the main example code at

Using it with PyQt4

By default the classes use PySide, but the code works for PyQt4 if you set to False the usePySide module variable by hand.

Any suggestion to make this less hacky is welcome.


This Python code has been inspired in Henrik Hartz’s C++ example code:
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
qgmap-0.1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-04-19 4KB