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qi.portlet.TagClouds 1.35

A configurable plone portlet that displays tag clouds


qi.portlet.TagClouds is a plone product that adds tag cloud portlet support. The following parameters of the portlet are configurable through the web:

  • portlet title
  • number of different tag sizes
  • maximum tags to show
  • content types searched (optionally)
  • tags (subjects) searched (optionally)
  • section of the site to be searched
  • workflow states searched
  • filtering by keywords so that a tag cloud of all keywords that are combined with the filter keywords is shown

qi.portlet.TagClouds also comes with a simple caching mechanism. Cache remains valid for a time interval that can be set in the portlet settings.



  • Update buildout.cfg to Plone 4.2, gitignore build products [gyst]
  • Change import to work with Plone 4.1.x and Plone 4.2.x [lccruz]


  • Moved collective.testcaselayer from the install_requires to a ‘test’ extras_require. [maurits]
  • Do not require cmf.ManagePortal to add or edit the portlet [erral]


  • Enable (language-independent) content across multiple INavigationRoot Folders to be searched for tags [gyst]
  • Change import of IVocabularyFactory in order to work with Plone 4.0.x and Plone 4.1.x [erico_andrei]
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese translation [erico_andrei]


  • Removed the member id from the cache key in portlet. Credits to dimo for reporting. [ggozad]
  • Switched to using native plone vocabulary for workflow states on portlet edit form. [piv]
  • Remove old file structure now that everything moved to src/ subfolder. [kdeldycke]
  • Added german translation [kiwisauce]


  • Fixed a case where the edit form is invoked and a previously selected keyword does not exist anymore. [ggozad]
  • Fixed cache key for multiple sites. Thanks to Guido Stevens [ggozad]
  • Plone 4 compatibility. [ggozad]
  • Moved to using collective.testcaselayer for testing. [ggozad]


  • The product is now accompanied with proper tests. [ggozad]
  • Added filtering by keyword. Thanks to lzdych for the idea and discussions. [ggozad]
  • All important parameters (workflow states, portal types and search path) are now present in the search links. [ggozad]
  • Moved vocabularies. [ggozad]
  • Removed the settings shouldRestrictBySubject and shouldRestrictByTypes. Now just using sane defaults. [ggozad]
  • Modified the caching mechanism, so that it takes into account the portlet settings. This ensures separate caching for separate portlets. [ggozad]
  • Added the member in the portlet cache key. This will increase the calculations necessary, but is important as it was possible to cache private objects as well. [ggozad]
  • Added the number of items found under the tag in the title of the links. [lzdych]
  • Up french translation with new msgids. [toutpt]
  • Add translation of workflow states vocabulary. [toutpt]


  • Fixed caching policy for multilingual sites, resolves: #2 [lzdych]
  • Added quoting of tag links: fixes not working search by tags with special chars. [lzdych]
  • Added czech translation. [lzdych]
  • extended html markup to support rounded corners, resolves: #1. [lzdych]


  • Added french translation. [toutpt]


  • Added workflow states to the configuration options. [ggozad]
  • Added maximum tags to display to the configuration options. [ggozad]


  • Added root folder to search under. [ggozad]


  • Initial release [ggozad]
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