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qimage2ndarray 1.3.1

Conversion between QImages and numpy.ndarrays.

Latest Version: 1.6

qimage2ndarray is a small python extension for quickly converting
between QImages and numpy.ndarrays (in both directions). These are
very common tasks when programming e.g. scientific visualizations in
Python using PyQt4 as the GUI library.

* Supports conversion of scalar and RGB data, with arbitrary dtypes
and memory layout, with and without alpha channels, into QImages
(e.g. for display or saving using Qt).

* Using a tiny C++ extension, qimage2ndarray makes it possible to
create ndarrays that are *views* into a given QImage's memory.

This allows for very efficient data handling and makes it possible
to modify Qt image data in-place (e.g. for brightness/gamma or alpha
mask modifications).

* `Masked arrays`_ are also supported and are converted into QImages
with transparent pixels.

* Supports value scaling / normalization to 0..255 for convenient
display of arbitrary NumPy arrays.  
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