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qtmacs 0.1.0

An Emacs inspired macro framework for Qt.

Qtmacs is an Emacs inspired macro framework for Qt. It consists of task related applets and widget specific macros.

Applets are basically plain windows that can house arbitrary code and widgets. Within Qtmacs, they provide the functionailty to eg. edit text, view a PDF file, or browse the web.

Macros, on the other hand, govern the behaviour of individual widgets in response to keyboard input. They are are applicable to any Qt based widget.

Both, applets and macros, are supplied via Python modules and can be changed during runtime to customise the functionality and behaviour of Qtmacs as required.


The source code is hosted on Github:


  • Python 3.x
  • PyQt4

Older versions of PyQt4 may work as well but have not been tested.


To install Qtmacs on Windows, or use package managers on Linux based distributions, please refer to the installation guide.

To try out the source code directly use:

git clone
cd qtmacs/bin


The full documentation, including screenshots, is available at

There is also a discussion group at!forum/qtmacs


Qtmacs is licensed under the terms of the GPL.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size (md5) MS Windows installer any 2013-02-05 469KB (md5) Source 2013-02-05 264KB