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quartz-browser 2.1.0

Fast Lightweight web browser written in PyQt5

A useful fast Web Browser written in pyqt5 webkit

Dependency = python3, python3-pyqt5, python3-pyqt5.qtwebkit


This browser is aimed at ease of use, faster page loading, very short startup time.
This has minimal settings to avoid confusion.Yet it has most useful settings, such as load images on/off, javascript on/off, change font.
To save pages to read later, print feature can be used to save as pdf. And it can also export the whole page as png image.


To Install the browser open terminal inside quartz-browser-qt5 directory.
And then run following command..
$ sudo pip install .

Quartz Browser will be automatically added to applications menu.

To uninstall run..
$ sudo pip uninstall quartz-browser


To run after installing, type command..

$ quartz


$ quartz

If you want to run the browser without/before installing, then
Open terminal and change directory to quartz-browser-qt5 and run

$ ./quartz


$ ./quartz

Important Features :

  • Auto Refresh Mode
  • Turn Javascript, Load Images on/off option in main menu
  • Save as PDF, Save as HTML
  • Export full page as PNG/JPEG image, HTML file
  • Custom User Agent
  • Internal Download Manager with pause/resume support
  • Download remaining file that was partially downloaded in another browser
  • External Download Manager support (e.g - wget, uGet )
  • Play video with RTSP protocol using a media player (e.g omxplayer, mplayer)
  • YouTube video download support. (Download button automatically appears)
  • HTML5 Video download support.
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
quartz-browser-2.1.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2017-09-24 84KB