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quicklogging 0.3

Logging wrapper

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Documentation for quicklogging


* doc: |docs| - read the doc on readthedocs_ (github rst is broken)
* source code: on github_
* package: |package|
* ci tests: |citests|

What is quicklogging

*quicklogging* is a Python :py:mod:`logging` wrapper to

* remove a bit of logging boilerplate,
* redirect print output.

``quicklogging`` transparently provides a logger with a name relevant
to the code at hand:

.. important::

The name of the logger is the name of the module making the call.

For instance, if you log from ``project/models/``, your logger will be named ``project.models.chair``.

This is a very important feature:

*Advantage #1 of this naming scheme*

the *configuration* of the :py:class:`logging.Logger` s and handlers is much
easier —muting, changing verbosity for a particular piece of code etc

*Advantage #2*

we can provide a :py:func:`quicklogging.catch_prints` and a :py:func:`quicklogging.warn_prints` functionality to catch calls
to print() from specific modules (typically: the module you're editing).

Licence, original authors

* MIT (see file ``LICENCE`` ).
* authors: majerti_ - Feth AREZKI


Python versions

According to travis-ci_ :

* Python 3.5: ok
* Python 3.5-dev: ok
* Python nightly: ok

Cannot test, but should work because I don't know of API changes:

* Python 2.7: *testing* NOT ok (Python 2.7 doesn't have :py:class:``

Libs required

None ! unless you're running the tests (then you need stringimporter_).
So I've got this easy badge: |requirements|.

Doc contents

(if toctree is not displayed, then build the docs with sphinx or read them on readthedocs : |docs|.

.. toctree::
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:alt: Requirements Status

.. |citests| image::
:alt: Tests status with travis-ci
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