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quintagroup.slidertemplates 1.3.3

Different Templates to display NGCollection Portlet

Enhanced Responsive Views for NG Collection Portlet (Carousel, Shelf, Tabs)

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The product can be used to add new responsive views for NG Collection Portlet. quintagroup.slidertemplates adds several templates: Carousel, Shelf, Vertical and Horizontal Tabs, qgCarousel, and contentSlider that can customize portlet display. Now you do not need to involve developer to use several custom views with collective.portlet.ngcollection. Just assign different view for each newly created portlet via it's Edit form.

quintagroup.slidertemplates is simple in usage, just follow the steps:

* Go to /@@manage-portlets link on the desired page.
* Choose NG Collection Portlet from the "Add portlet..." drop-down menu.
* Add any previously created collection.
* Choose one of the offered templates: carousel, shelf, vertical or horizontal tabs.
* Save portlet.

Find more information at

Supported Plone versions:
Plone 4.3


1.3.3 February 8, 2015

- Fixed image scale and configure.zcml

1.3.2 May 12, 2015

- Fixed script for contentCarousel [roman.ischiv]

1.3.1 March 27, 2015

- Fixed script for qgCarousel, added var 'gap' for item [roman.ischiv]

1.3 March 18, 2015

- Fixed script for qg carousel [roman.ischiv]

1.2 January 29, 2015

- Fixed templates for horizontal and vertical tabs [roman.ischiv]

1.1 January 26, 2015

- Added qgCarousel and contentSlider template [roman.ischiv]

1.0dev (unreleased)

- Initial release  
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